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Go, Ninja Warriors, Go!

Adventure-Focused Fitness Trends Continue Their Ascent

Feature Article - April 2020

From ninja-inspired fitness to classic climbing and beyond, adventure is easy to find for those who want to test their limits. From climbing walls to skateparks, zip lines, ninja courses and beyond, there's plenty of ways to raise the bar.

Rise to the Challenge

Climbing, Ropes Courses, Obstacle Racing & Beyond

Feature Article - April 2019

When you want to provide adventure to your patrons, there are few better options than climbing walls and challenge courses. Learn more about how to bring these amenities to your facility.

Adventure Awaits!

Adding Climbing Walls, Challenge Courses, Zip Lines and Other Exciting Options

Feature Article - April 2018

There are more options than ever, if you want to add more thrill to your recreational lineup. From climbing walls and challenge courses to zip lines and free-fall devices, you can provide the adventure your visitors are looking for.

Making Fun Safer

Problem Solver - August 2017

Ensure your staff members are trained and drilled in effective policies and procedures. In addition, be sure they are trained in emergency response, and make an emergency response plan part of your policy.

Reaching New Heights

Demand for Adventure Fitness on the Rise

Feature Article - April 2017

From climbing and bouldering walls to ropes courses, challenge courses and obstacle courses, there's a tremendous range of adventure out there for the taking. Find out more about how to best manage these types of amenities, from getting folks interested to keeping them coming back for more.

Build A Park That Engages Your Community

Problem Solver - August 2016

In addition to active areas, you'll want to include things like picnic areas and seating for individuals and families, along with fountains and aquatic elements for people to enjoy. You want to create an oasis—a haven for the community to gather, be active and enjoy beauty.

Reaching New Heights

Growing Your Climbing Program

Feature Article - April 2016

Getting your climbing program off the ground means understanding your options, from flexible climbing solutions that help you expand your programming to knowing how to keep everyone safe in your facility.

Experience & Education

The Importance of Training in Improving Safety

Feature Article - January 2016

Whether it's certification for fitness trainers and climbing instructors, or orientation for club members, training and education are a crucial pillar in providing safety at your facility.

Big Thrills, No Spills

Safety First for Climbing Facilities

Feature Article - April 2015

Climbing wall facilities feature inherent risks, but there are measures you can take to dramatically reduce the risk of injury for climbers. Proper training and the right equipment can have a big impact.

Certifiably Safer

Why & How Certification Improves Safety

Feature Article - January 2015

Whether it's for a playground inspector, an aquatic facility manager, a fitness instructor or a climbing instructor, certification can make an impact on safety in your facility.