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Pass It On

Cultivating New Nature-Lovers With Environmental Education Programs

Feature Article - April 2017

To protect the environment for the long term, you need to keep educating people, young and old, about why that's a worthwhile goal. Environmental education programs of all kinds connect people of all ages with the natural world around them, growing tomorrow's conservationists today.

No Teen Left Inside

Attracting Teens Into Outdoor Programs

Feature Article - March 2014

A growing number of recreation facilities and organizations have discovered how to tap into the mindset of a new generation of teenagers, who are answering the call to outdoor activity and environmental service with enthusiasm.

Programming: Trails

Path to Nature
Programming Trends in Environmental Education

Feature Article - October 2013

Whether it's on the trail or in the nature center, programming designed to enhance people's understanding of nature is still popular. Learn from some successful programs, then get your own nature programs started.

A Born Natural

Nature Takes Its Place in Recreational Experience

Feature Article - October 2011

With right-minded design teams in place, you can ensure a landscape design for your sites and parks that takes aesthetics, technology and economics into account.

Going Off Trail

New Paths in Programming to Connect Children With Nature

Feature Article - September 2011

With best practices for programming to help foster children's connection to nature still in its formative stages, many park and recreation facilities, nature centers, preschools and communities are diverging from the traditional programming trails to forge their own paths.

Outdoor Recreation

Go Outside & Play
The Benefits of Outdoor Recreation

Guest Column - October 2009

We need to reverse the obesity trend for our children's' sake, and the solution is literally "in our backyard"—in the parks, playgrounds, programs and other outdoor recreational programs offered through recreation, sports and fitness facilities.