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Fresh Air & Exercise

For Public Health, Prescribe Outdoor Fitness Areas

Feature Article - October 2020

Outdoor fitness areas have become increasingly popular over the past decade, and now that many folks are eschewing indoor exercise, these essential amenities will only become more popular.

Working 'Out'

Keep Your Facility Safe for Outdoor Workouts

Web Exclusive - March 2020

Spring is finally approaching, and after a long winter, folks will want to take their workout into the great outdoors. Be careful not to expose your facility to risk when you take programming outside by learning how to protect your club.


Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Guest Column - February 2020

From outdoor fitness zones to obstacle courses, fitness trails and more, the options for promoting health in the great outdoors are extensive.

Getting Fit in the Great Outdoors

Innovative Equipment to Expand Your Community of Wellness

Feature Article - September 2019

Outdoor fitness opportunities make it easier for everyone to engage in wellness. And with new equipment options being introduced all the time, you have more ways than ever to expand your audience.

Provide Fitness Options for Everyone

Problem Solver - August 2019

Think about all the ways people in your community are likely to get active. Whether it's groups of equipment sited along a trail or one larger, more central location, you can provide an impressive combination of cardio, strength and flexibility exercises, providing everything from body-weight and adjustable resistance to circuit training, functional fitness and more.


Build Community With Inclusive Outdoor Fitness

Guest Column - July 2019

As one of the most inclusive amenities for public spaces, outdoor fitness equipment has greatly evolved over the past decade and now provides a vast range of activities for users of nearly every age and fitness level.

Everyone's Gym

Outdoor Fitness Reaches All Ages, Abilities

Feature Article - September 2018

When communities want to reach a diverse audience with fitness opportunities, nothing beats outdoor fitness zones that combine a variety of equipment and exercise possibilities.

Fitness Takes a Hike

Web Exclusive - September 2018

After this Ontario town got a generous land donation, community members saw an opportunity to add the area’s first outdoor gym.

Provide Fitness for the Whole Community

Problem Solver - August 2018

You can bring fitness to every member of your community with an outdoor gym. Predesigned packages are available to fit just about any site configuration, offering a combination of cardio, strength and flexibility training, or you can customize your own layout. Look for a variety of equipment to provide everything from circuit training to body-weight and adjustable resistance.

Outdoor Fitness

A Community Works Out
John S. Simms Park in Bellflower, Calif.

Facility Profile - October 2017

At this popular new outdoor fitness area, local residents of all ages, abilities and backgrounds are connecting over wellness.