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Planning for Flexibility & Wellness

The Ongoing Evolution of Natatorium Design

Feature Article - January 2020

Indoor pools are increasingly designed with attention to the health of swimmers and staff. Here, we take a look at current musts in natatorium design, as well as taking a peak into what will be tomorrow's trends.

New Pool Rules

The Newest Natatorium Designs Offer Something for Everyone

Supplement Feature - May 2019

Diverse aquatic programming and the diverse communities it serves have had a big impact on the way natatoriums are designed.

Aquatic Trends Report

Supplement Feature - February 2019

In our first summary report of Aquatic Trends, we surveyed nearly 1,000 aquatics professionals to find out more about the equipment and amenities found in their facilities, as well as programming, regulatory compliance, major challenges and issues, and much more.

General Trends
Systems & Resources
Outfitting the Aquatic Facility
Certification in Pool Operations
Water Safety & Drowning Prevention
ADA Awareness & Compliance
MAHC Awareness & Participation
Challenges & Issues

Swimming Ahead

New Currents in Natatorium Design

Feature Article - May 2018

Waterpark-like amenities have taken over outdoor swimming pools, but indoor pools also are adapting with the needs of modern swimmers, incorporating more fun and fitness.