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From Zero Thought to Zero Waste
>> Battery Park City // New York

Facility Profile - September 2020

Can busy city dog parks compost dog waste and prevent it from ending up in landfills? The answer is yes. Find out how!


More Than Just for the Dogs

Guest Column - May 2020

Dog parks have become tremendously popular, and with good reason: They provide a great outlet for pooches, but are also social gathering places for their owners. Be sure to outfit your dog park to keep everyone happy—on two legs or four.

Looking Back, Moving Forward

Celebrating 20 Years of Recreation, Sports & Fitness

Feature Article - September 2019

Celebrating 20 years of Recreation Management, we talked to experts from multiple fields about what's changed in recreation, sports and fitness over the past two decades—and what changes might be coming down the pike.


Basic Dog Park Elements & Beyond

Feature Article - March 2019

Parks for pets and people need more than just a fence and waste receptacles. To ensure a safe and effective dog park, you need to know some best practices.

Help Fund Your Dog Park

Problem Solver - August 2018

Adding a dog park in your community is relatively simple, but if you want your dog park to shine, you'll take it to the next level by offering something more to dog owners.

Dog Day Afternoons

Building Your Dog Park, From Start to Finish

Feature Article - March 2018

Successful dog parks require more than a simple fenced-off area. To ensure success, start with intense community involvement, and don't let your focus drift until you've got a park full of playful pooches.

Dog Parks

Something More for People & Pets
All Paws Pet Wash Pet Park in Belvidere, Ill.

Facility Profile - September 2017

The best pet parks provide something a little different. At this park in downtown Belvidere, Ill., you can play with your pooch and then get Fido all cleaned up before you head home.

Grow Your Dog Park

Problem Solver - August 2017

No staffing is required, so your pet wash station can be open any hours you choose. The system is coin-operated and simple to use. Customers can operate the units from start to finish with no need for assistance. What's more, they'll love not having to make an appointment at the doggie salon or make a mess at home.

Parks Gone to the Dogs

Planning & Programming a Park for Pooches

Feature Article - March 2017

Dog parks continue to surge in popularity across the country, with new places for pooches and their owners to play and socialize popping up in communities of all sizes. Learn more about planning and programming these parks.

Build A Park That Engages Your Community

Problem Solver - August 2016

In addition to active areas, you'll want to include things like picnic areas and seating for individuals and families, along with fountains and aquatic elements for people to enjoy. You want to create an oasis—a haven for the community to gather, be active and enjoy beauty.