July 2024 Issue


Adobe StockMaking a Living

Our 17th Annual Salary Survey
Our annual Salary Survey takes a closer look at the salary and career information of nearly 1,000 professionals who responded to the Industry Report survey. 


PlaygroundPlay Designed for One and All

Inclusive Strategies From Top Playground Designers
Inclusion is more than just a buzzword. Learn more about how play equipment manufacturers are creating products that allow people of all abilities to play together.


Adobe StockAquatic ABCs

Get Back to Basics With Learn-to-Swim Programs
Learn-to-swim programs are the foundation of all aquatic programs. Find out more about how to run efficient and effective swim lessons.


DynaDomeExtend Your Season, Lower Your Costs

Nonconventional Structures Make More Possible
You can expand your aquatic, sports and recreational programming beyond the warmer season through the use of nonconventional structures. With their ability to let the outside in, and keep the outside out, these structures can help save costs while improving your reach.


inPERSPECTIVE / AQUATIC PARKS: 10 Considerations for Developing Your Family Aquatic Park

Want to create an effective recreation destination? Here are 10 things to consider as you get started.

inPRACTICE / SQUASH CLUB: Open Squash in New York City

New York’s newest squash club aims to expose more people to the sport, transforming unused office space into an enviable sports facility.

inSERVICE: Take a Hike

The American Hiking Society works hard to ensure more people have access to the fun, fitness and relaxation of hiking trails.

Web Exclusives

Functional & Sustainable Fitness

Recent improvements at Universal Athletic Club in Lancaster, Pa., include functional, sustainable, high-performance flooring. 

Mastering the Plan

Master planning is an essential step in developing and revitalizing community spaces, but it comes with challenges, including how to fit community expectations into budgetary constraints. 

From the Editor's Desk

Stay Cool

Recreation, sports and fitness professionals who work with folks in the great outdoors on the hottest days of summer must take great care in the heat, ensuring that exercisers and athletes are staying hydrated and not exerting themselves to a dangerous point of no return. 

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