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We All Fall Down

Education, Maintenance Key to Playground Surface Safety

Supplement Feature - September 2014

Falls to the surface are the number one cause of injury on the playground, which is why it's so important that those surfaces are maintained regularly and composed of the appropriate materials to maximize safety and prevent serious injuries.

Provide Comfortable, Compliant Spectator Seating

Problem Solver - August 2014

For parades, concerts, sporting events and more, communities rely on bleachers to provide a place for everyone to sit. You can provide the bare minimum, but if you want to ensure safety and compliance with local codes and give everyone a comfortable view, you should consider bleachers with certain features that set them above and beyond the simplest options.

Keeping Fit, Keeping Safe

Safety Elements Can Be Attractively Designed

Feature Article - January 2014

Ensuring members at your fitness facility are engaged in every aspect of wellness also means ensuring they can exercise safely. Here are some steps to build safety in from the ground up.

Play It Safe

The Latest Playground Safety Trends

Feature Article - January 2014

From safety surfaces to properly designed equipment, there are myriad ways to decrease the likelihood that children will be injured on the playground.

Managing Risk

Protect Your Patrons, Protect Your Facility

Feature Article - January 2014

How can you reduce injuries and manage risk at your facility? We talked to experts working at some of the riskiest facilities out there to get their take on best practices.

Protect Fitness Patrons & Equipment

Problem Solver - August 2013

You've made a big investment in ensuring your patrons have the most up-to-date equipment. Now you need to ensure that equipment lasts. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommended practices for keeping your equipment clean.

Improve Safety on the Ballfield

Problem Solver - August 2013

Newer releasable bases are made up of three major parts. As with a traditional base, a metal pole is sunk into the ground and fixed in concrete. Then a rubber mat is bolted to a pole that's inserted into the ground. A separate pillow then fits onto the rubber mat. If a player steps on the base, it stays put. However, runners who slide hard into the base will cause the pillow to release from the mat.

Protect Yourself

Effective Risk Management Needs Strategy, Supervision

Feature Article - March 2013

Getting your risk management plans in order means careful organizing, as well as ensuring your entire staff is on board.

Design Corner

Stadium Safety
Designing for Fire Safety in Major Stadiums

Guest Column - March 2013

Designing for safety is a critical measure when planning major stadiums. Here, an expert in stadium design looks at some of the issues to keep top of mind.

before you go…

Football Injury Awareness

Before You Go - November 2012

"Safety is a top priority at i9 Sports. Reports of sports concussions in the United States have reached an 'epidemic level' and we know that football leads all sports in the occurrence of concussions among youth ages 5 to 18," said Brian Sanders, president and COO of i9 Sports.