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Better Together

Partnerships for Program Success

Feature Article - January 2019

They say two heads are better than one, and in the case of providing programs and services to the community, sometimes it pays to partner up with another organization.

Swim Toward Success

Growing Innovative Aquatic Programs

Feature Article - November 2018

Learn-to-swim is the foundation of most aquatic facilities, but to ensure you are earning revenues to cover your operations, itís wise to expand your options.

All Grown Up

Innovative Programs for Active Older Adults

Feature Article - July 2018

Active agers need a variety of programs to stay engaged. Here, we talked to some experts about how to make sure youíre creating a programming lineup thatís a good fit for your community.

Swimming Toward Wellness

Expand Aquatic Programming With a Focus on Fitness

Supplement Feature - February 2018

Plenty of research has shown that working out and relaxing in the water can provide a wellness boost. Here, we talked to experts about adding wellness programming at aquatic facilities, to the benefit of all.

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

But the Best Youth Sports Programs Also Educate

Feature Article - January 2018

It is possible to get kids involved in youth sports programs at fairly young ages, as long as you acknowledge that it's not about prowess, but about learning how to move and cooperate.

State of the INDUSTRY

A Look at What's Happening in Recreation, Sports and Fitness Facilities

Feature Article - June 2017

More than 1,700 professionals responded to our call for information about their facilities, budgets, construction plans, operations, programming, staffing and more. Here, we summarize their responses.

Sports Fields

The Right Team
Miami-Dade Parks Soccer in Miami-Dade County, Florida

Facility Profile - May 2017

When Miami-Dade County saw growing demand for soccer programs, it turned to a partnership to provide what residents were looking for.

Pass It On

Cultivating New Nature-Lovers With Environmental Education Programs

Feature Article - April 2017

To protect the environment for the long term, you need to keep educating people, young and old, about why that's a worthwhile goal. Environmental education programs of all kinds connect people of all ages with the natural world around them, growing tomorrow's conservationists today.

Put Your Pool in Overdrive

Programming Your Pool for Success

Supplement Feature - February 2017

Successful aquatic facilities require smart approaches to programming. While almost every pool should begin with the basics, there are plenty of ways to make the best use of pool time to grow attendance and revenues.

Teaching Healthy Eating

Connecting Communities to Healthier Lifestyles

Feature Article - February 2017

From nutrition counseling and education to farmers markets and community gardens, parks and other organizations have found myriad ways to try to improve the health of the communities they serve.