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Encourage People to Clean Up After Pets

Problem Solver - August 2016

In addition, be sure your park rules are posted in a highly visible location, such as the entrance. Rules associated with pets should be included, reminding owners to keep their pets leashed and to clean up any mess. Uniformed staff members should also patrol the park on a regular basis, which will let pet owners know that you're keeping an eye on things. Be sure staff knows to intervene and remind visitors of the rules if they see someone leaving waste behind.

Four-Legged-Friendly Parks

Well-Planned Dog Parks Unite the Community, Whether Canine or Human

Feature Article - March 2016

Dog parks continue to pop up across the country, and for good reason. Here, we'll take a look at finding the right site and designing a dog-friendly setting, as well as how to get more people to use the park via marketing and programming.

Create a Recreation Space Designed for Families

Problem Solver - August 2015


Create a Stand-Out Dog Park

Problem Solver - August 2015

You might consider purchasing site furnishings that have a dog theme, such as bone-shaped benches.

Make Your Site Pet- and People-Friendlier

Problem Solver - August 2015

You also should post the rules for your park or site in a central location, such as the entrance, and be sure to emphasize rules associated with pets, including leash and cleanup requirements. In addition, be sure to have uniformed staff members visit the park on a regular basis. A physical presence will let pet owners know that you're supervising, and also will give you the opportunity to explain the rules to those who turn their backs when their pup makes a deposit.

Dog Parks

Near Zero-Waste Dog Park?
The Tale (Tail?) of Dog Waste Composting Programs

Guest Column - May 2015

When your site is canine-friendly, you also need strategies for dealing with the poop problem. Here, an expert in dog waste composting explores options outside of just sending the waste straight to the landfill.

Tail-Wagging Fun

Design & Outfit an Effective Dog Park

Feature Article - March 2015

Dog parks continue to be a popular addition across the country. Learn the basics of getting a dog park off the ground, as well as what you can do to go a bit beyond and offer more for pooches and their owners.

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K9 Fit Club Offers Online Certification

Before You Go - February 2015

"K9 Fit Club is the leader and pioneer in human and canine fitness. We provide convenient online certification programs that were developed by professionals in the fitness, medical and veterinary fields," said Tricia Montgomery, founder and chief executive officer of K9 Fit Club, based in Hinsdale, Ill. "You may take the course at your own pace and can start and stop whenever you like. Once certified, we provide you with a tool kit, which enables you to teach your own classes."

Dog Parks

Thinking About Building a Dog Park?
First, Learn About Dogs & the People Who Own Them

Guest Column - November 2014

If you're thinking about building a dog park, you need to take your patrons into consideration. And that means thinking about the needs of people and their pets.

Keep Your Park Clean

Problem Solver - August 2014

Unsightly dog waste can be a big problem at public parks and trails. No one wants to come across such a mess while enjoying their favorite park or strolling along a walking trail. With the right solutions in place, you can encourage pet owners to clean up after their furry friends, keeping your park or trail clean and pleasant for everyone.