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Building Materials

The Right Materials
Benefits of Solid Phenolic in Lockers, Benches and More

Guest Column - January 2015

If you want your lockers and other amenities within your facility to stand up to use and abuse—and look good while doing it—you may want to consider products manufactured from solid phenolic.

Durability Meets Design

Provo Recreation Center in Provo, Utah

Web Exclusive - November 2014

The new, 160,000-square-foot Provo City Recreation Center is designed to accommodate patrons of all ages. With comfort in mind, special attention was given to the facility's locker rooms and restrooms.

Provide Lockers to Meet Patrons' Needs

Problem Solver - August 2014

Before you outfit your locker room, you need to know what your patrons expect and how they plan to use the space. When you make your choice based on your facility's needs as well as your patrons' expectations and desires, you'll be sure of success.

Improve Your Locker Room Experience

Problem Solver - August 2014

When patrons come to work out, swim or have fun at your facility, they expect locker rooms that provide a clean, dry, pleasant place to change and store their personal items. Messy, musty, wet locker rooms create a bad experience. But with the right practices and amenities in place, you can improve the locker room experience.

No Longer a Plain Jane

Locker Room Design Boasts Creature Comforts, Technology

Feature Article - March 2014

Locker rooms have evolved from bare-bones changing areas into aesthetically pleasing spaces with an almost spa-like atmosphere that provides an air of relaxation and all the amenities members want after a tough workout.

Locker Rooms

The Ideal Locker Room

Guest Column - February 2014

Locker rooms provide myriad functions, from a simple place to lock up belongings to a cozy respite after a hard workout. Where do you begin when making decisions about locker room design and materials?

Ice Rinks

Tough Enough
Mid-South Ice House in Memphis, Tennessee

Facility Profile - November 2013

When the Memphis metro area lost its only public ice, a group of parents and others banded together to create the Mid-South Ice House. Part of the job was ensuring the facility was tough enough to withstand use and abuse.

King of Laundry

Cabrillo College Boosts Laundry Productivity

Web Exclusive - November 2013

Athletic and fitness facility laundry can be a gigantic chore. Having the right tools in place can make a difference, as one college found.


Putting the Scale in Upscale

Guest Column - September 2013

Upscale locker rooms feature a lot of fancy amenities, but you shouldn't overlook the importance of a scale. With more and more people focused on wellness, this simple tool can make a big difference.

Keep Your Locker Room Clean & Dry

Problem Solver - August 2013

If your facility has a swimming pool, you should also consider installing a swimsuit water extractor. Swimmers will often leave their wet suits dripping over the door of a locker, potentially damaging the lockers and creating a slip hazard on the floor. A swimsuit water extractor can remove up to 95 percent of a swimsuit's moisture in just 10 seconds.