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Provide Event Seating

Problem Solver - August 2017

Expanding your capacity with portable bleachers alongside your permanent seating will provide more places for fans and spectators to sit, so you won't have to invest in replacing or expanding your existing seating.

Your Best Fest Yet

Trends and Strategies for Fun Events and Festivals

Feature Article - October 2016

Before you get your fest off the ground, find out more about best practices and clever innovations that others have engaged to attract a crowd.

All's Fair

The Latest Trends in Family-Friendly Community & Concert Events

Feature Article - September 2015

Healthy treats, fun activities and mobile stages can really raise the bar for community events. Learn more about some of the tools you can use to make your next event a showstopper.

Provide Effective Seating for Events

Problem Solver - August 2015

Using portable bleachers alongside your permanent seating to expand your capacity helps you create more places for fans and spectators to sit, saving you from investing in replacing or expanding your existing seating.

Explore Different Views on Facility Management

Problem Solver - August 2015

Every two years in Germany, a conference designed for municipal leaders, facility managers, architects and engineers, operators of sports, pool and leisure facilities, landscapers and operators of hotels, gyms and campgrounds unites a diverse, multicultural audience. It's a great way to find out about different views on facility management.

No Obstacle to Success

Web Exclusive - April 2015

Obstacle course races have seen a huge upswing over the past several years. Learn more about this unique approach to racing events and why people come in droves to compete.

Ready for Anything

Improving Sports Facility Safety & Security

Feature Article - January 2015

After 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing, many high-profile sports facilities and events have stepped up their security, Here, we examine how some of those practices have trickled down to the school district and park district level to provide ideas on how to keep your players and spectators safe.

Simplify Event Seating

Problem Solver - August 2014

Sometimes, you need to be able to provide seating in a variety of places throughout your community. When you want to do so quickly, transportable bleachers are an ideal solution. Even when there's a permanent grandstand located at your event, movable bleachers can be a great way to provide enough comfortable seating for everyone. What's more, temporary seating, such as transportable bleachers, can be a smart investment, paying for itself as you boost attendance, and eventually bring in revenues to help support your programs.

Get Ready for Race Day

Web Exclusive - February 2014

Many parks and recreation organizations play host to 5ks, fun runs and other races. What are the benefits to your community and your organization, and what are some of the ins and outs of hosting a great race?

Get Seating Where & When You Need It

Problem Solver - August 2013

What's more, even if you already have a grandstand in place, it might not provide enough seating if the crowds attending your event grow over time. You can use portable bleachers alongside existing seating to create additional places for fans and spectators to sit. This saves any costs associated with rebuilding and replacing your grandstand, and at the same time, you get the extra benefit of having seating that can easily be transported to any event and location.