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Boost Aquatic Exercise Programs

Problem Solver - August 2013

Using such equipment for just 30 minutes can provide a high-performance workout, allowing patrons to burn a significant number of calories. Even better, they'll be getting a good workout without the pounding to their joints that comes with exercising on dry land. And, the resistance of the water provides a powerful boost to their training sessions.

Sports for Everyone

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Adaptive Sports

Web Exclusive - July 2013

Learn more about how adaptive sports programs are ensuring everyone gets to play.

before you go…

Technology Overload
Parents Concerned Tech Gadgets Hinder Summertime Fun

Before You Go - July 2013

If you think back to your own childhood summertime memories, you might recall swimming in the pool, playing outside with the neighborhood kids or riding your bike as being at the top of the list. However, a new survey shows that parents are worried that their children's summertime memories will be of electronic devices, instead of fun in the sun.

2013 State of the Managed Recreation Industry

A Look at What's Happening in Recreation, Sports and Fitness Facilities

Feature Article - June 2013

More than 2,100 professionals responded to our call for information about their facility operations. Here, we summarize their responses, including current trends in operations, staffing, programming, construction and much more.

Programming: Performing Arts

Break a Leg!
Put Your Best Foot Forward for Performing Arts Programming

Feature Article - April 2013

From dance classes and music lessons to community theater troupes, parks departments, YMCAs and other recreational facilities can offer a lot to their neighborhoods in the form of performing arts programming.

Out of the Ordinary

Make Way for Some Unexpected & Unusual Sports

Feature Article - March 2013

Pickleball? Quidditch? Cricket? While we're all familiar with baseball, soccer, football, basketball and tennis—and the facilities that support them—there are ways to adapt and bring new sports—and new patrons—onto the court or field.

Programming: Day Trips

The Path to Adventure

Feature Article - March 2013

Many parks, YMCAs and other recreation organizations plan day trips for everyone from children with a day off from school to seniors looking for a bit of fun. Here are some ideas from agencies that have gotten it right.

Programming for Profit

A Strong Business Model Plus Creative Programming Can Keep Your Aquatics in the Black

Supplement Feature - February 2013

Family-based aquatic facilities that are as much about leisure activities as they are about swim lessons, therapy and exercise programs are the norm for new construction, as it is the only business model that can sustain itself by generating revenues apart from user fees, according to several national consultants specializing in aquatic programming.

Programming: Make It Special

Planning Special Events Yields Big Rewards

Feature Article - February 2013

From 4th of July Celebrations to Tree-Lighting Ceremonies, Concerts in the Park and beyond, special events can bring a community together—and may even offer a chance for your organization to boost

Programming: Inclusiveness

Mission Possible
Programming Inclusion for Hidden Disabilities

Feature Article - January 2013

Learning how to successfully include those with hidden disabilities—social, emotional and cognitive challenges—into your programs can have a life-changing effect for those you serve.