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Design Corner

Perception vs. Reality
Swimming Pools & Water Conservation

Guest Column - March 2015

With water conservation increasingly a concern—especially in drought-ridden areas of the country—it is important to understand how swimming pools use water, as well as how to save water in these essential facilities.

A Pool for Every Purpose

Multi-Use Pools Provide Space for Competition, Leisure

Supplement Feature - February 2015

At least one expert says that large multi-use pools may be the way of the future for colleges, park districts and health clubs.

Building Materials

The Right Materials
Benefits of Solid Phenolic in Lockers, Benches and More

Guest Column - January 2015

If you want your lockers and other amenities within your facility to stand up to use and abuse—and look good while doing it—you may want to consider products manufactured from solid phenolic.

Design Corner

Making a Splash
Adaptive Use of Older Structures Suited to Small Natatoriums

Guest Column - September 2014

Some municipalities, clubs and other owners don't have the funds for a brand-new natatorium, but with the right design team and the right structure in place, it's not out of reach.

Design Corner

Object Lesson
Ensuring Campus Projects Fit Their Context

Guest Column - July 2014

Designing facilities for college campuses requires careful consideration of the buildings already there. Creating a successful facility means fitting the design to the campus context.

Sports Facilities

Shooting Touch
Basketball Suite, Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H.

Facility Profile - July 2014

Adapting an existing space to meet the needs of the basketball program at Dartmouth College creates greater equity among athletes, while requiring clever solutions from the design team.

2014 State of the Managed Recreation Industry

A Look At What's Happening in Recreation, Sports and Fitness Facilities

Feature Article - June 2014

More than 2,200 professionals responded to our call for information about their facility operations. Here, we summarize their responses, including current trends in operations, staffing, programming, construction and much more.

Flexible Facilities

Trends in Multipurpose Facility Design

Feature Article - May 2014

By definition, multipurpose facilities must provide many opportunities for a diverse audience. The most successful begin with smart design strategies that take these myriad needs into account.

A Good Sport

Innovations in Sports Facility Design

Feature Article - May 2014

Whether it's boosting eco-friendliness or streamlining operations, it is possible to create sports facilities that combine form and function, to ensure they both look beautiful and operate efficiently.

Water, for Profits

Aquatic Design Meets Community & Budgetary Needs

Feature Article - May 2014

Just as water is essential to life, aquatic facilities provide essential services to the communities where they are built. The most effective designs combine this service with an attention to cost control.