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Bringing Competition to the Water
Graydon Pool in Ridgewood, N.J.

Facility Profile - January 2013

An addition of inflatable products has given Graydon Pool a new way to attract and retain water enthusiasts—with fun water competition.

before you go…

Play Spaces
BCBS Association, Savannah Support Play Streets Initiative

Before You Go - January 2013

The city of Savannah and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia (BCBSGa) are supporting the initiative to create Play Streets, which are described as roads closed to traffic and opened to the community to encourage physical activity.


Step Into Swim: Getting Everyone Into the Pool, Part 2

Guest Column - October 2012

The NSPF Step Into Swim campaign is working to increase the number of swimmers by funding existing programs that teach people to love the water.

A Wealth of Options

Getting Programming Right for Multipurpose Facilities

Feature Article - July 2012

Programming trends come and go, but there will always be tried-and-true ways to please your patrons. It starts with finding out what they want, and then tailoring your offerings to meet their needs.

Research Covers Trends in Shared Use

Web Exclusive - May 2012

Joint use agreements are recommended to help communities stay active after school. Active Living recently overviewed some of the current trends in these agreements.

Parks Reach Out to Disabled Vets & Soldiers

Web Exclusive - March 2012

U.S. Paralympics selected the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) to receive grant funding in support of Paralympic sport and physical activity programs for disabled veterans and members of the armed forces. Find out how these programs are making a difference.

Dive in for Healthier Bodies & Minds

Wellness Programming for Aquatic Facilities

Supplement Feature - February 2012

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) lists a number of health benefits related to swimming and other water-based activities, including improved joint function and reduced discomfort for arthritis sufferers, anxiety relief for fibromyalgia patients, and better bone health in post-menopausal women.

Bring On the Action!

Easy Steps to Introduce Action Sports to Your Community

Feature Article - February 2012

Action sports—from skateboarding to BMX-biking and more—have been increasingly adopted across the country. Building a park to accommodate action sports athletes is a smart move.

Senior Recreation Center

Creative Outlets
West Flamingo Center for Active Adults in Las Vegas

Facility Profile - February 2012

Searching for a way to bring color to the lives of seniors in this facility, one clever program director turned to a creative solution.

A Born Natural

Nature Takes Its Place in Recreational Experience

Feature Article - October 2011

With right-minded design teams in place, you can ensure a landscape design for your sites and parks that takes aesthetics, technology and economics into account.