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Does Your Pool Pass the Smell Test?

Guest Column - May 2011

Ensuring proper water quality requires the right approach. Here's a rundown of how to guarantee your pool can pass the smell test, meaning you've solved the chloramines problem.

Right on Time

Sycamore Park Sprayground in Fort Worth, Texas

Facility Profile - January 2011

When the rules for handling water treatment at splash play areas were updated, the design team of this new sprayground was ready to roll with the changes.

Pool / Aquatics

Failing Salt Generators
The Phosphate Connection

Guest Column - October 2010

When salt generators are working properly, they are continuously producing free available chlorine to proper set levels. But what should you do when they are not working properly?


The Case of the Mystery Stain
Working With Salt Generator Pools

Guest Column - April 2010

Salt-water chlorine generators are growing in popularity, but if you're not careful, you might find mystery stains in your pool. Here, an expert explains why, and how to fix the problem.

Water Works

Cornerstone Aquatics Center in West Hartford, Conn.

Facility Profile - October 2009

Looking for some smart ideas to program your pool? Check out the activities offered at this Connecticut facility, which range from simple lap swimming to exercise equipment under the water.