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Going Off Trail

New Paths in Programming to Connect Children With Nature

Feature Article - September 2011

With best practices for programming to help foster children's connection to nature still in its formative stages, many park and recreation facilities, nature centers, preschools and communities are diverging from the traditional programming trails to forge their own paths.

Before You Go…

Treasure Hunt
Geocaching Encourages Teens to Get Fit

Before You Go - September 2011

In fact, research on this popular trend was presented in June at the American College of Sports Medicine's 58th Annual Meeting and 2nd World Congress on Exercise is Medicine.

Intramural Sports

Women in Intramurals
A Look at Declining Participation

Guest Column - April 2011

There are many reasons why fewer women are participating in intramurals. Encouraging participation requires a different approach.

Water Rescue

Programming Aquatics to Be Self-Sustaining

Supplement Feature - February 2011

Community residents expect to have a reasonably priced place to swim every year. But the financial crunch caused by tightening state and local budgets is forcing parks and recreation and elected officials to adopt a more business-like approach to running municipal pools—or face shutting down their facility altogether.

Taking the Plunge

Saving Facilities and Lives Through Smarter Aquatic Programming

Feature Article - January 2011

Learn-to-swim programs are an essential tool in your aquatics programming kit. Learn about how some facilities are reaching out to new swimmers to bring more people to the pool.


Skatepark Smarts
Using Programming to Promote a Positive Park

Guest Column - January 2011

Many communities take a build-it-and-they-will-come approach to skateparks. But when you also offer programming to introduce new skaters to the sport, you'll get the most out of your facility.

Finding Space

Making Room for Fitness Programming

Feature Article - November 2010

The problem of obesity has not gone away, but with tight budgets and limited space, finding new ways to offer fitness programs and equipment to your community can be a challenge. We offer some solutions to help you boost

Aquatic Marketing

Is Waterpark Envy Killing You?
How Rectangles Can Work

Guest Column - March 2010

It seems as though many facility managers can't stop feeling envious of pools with slides and other bells and whistles. But there are ways to make your rectangle work for you that don't involve expensive upgrades.

Generation Recreation

From Multigenerational to Intergenerational Programming

Feature Article - February 2010

When it comes to programming, there's no single answer, and no single program will support an entire community. However, many facilities are looking to unite the generations, with programming to accommodate a combination of active older adults and younger folk, too.