Supplement Feature - February 2019
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Aquatic Trends Report

By Emily Tipping

When it comes to conservation of resources, a majority of respondents (71.3 percent) said they currently have strategies and tools in place to conserve energy, chemicals, water and more. More than half said they use strategies and tools to conserve energy (52.6 percent) and chemicals (51.6 percent). Another 44.8 percent said they aim to conserve water.

Respondents from recreation centers were the most likely to report that they currently aim to conserve energy, chemicals and water. Some 86.3 percent of these respondents said they have conservation strategies and tools in place. They were followed by Ys (76.6 percent), colleges (72 percent), parks (70.4 percent) and schools (70.3 percent). Camp respondents were the least likely to have conservation strategies and tools, with less than half (46.9 percent) indicating they do so.

The most common tools used to conserve energy, chemicals and water at aquatic facilities included LED lighting (used by 41.5 percent of all respondents) and high-efficiency heaters (used by 31.1 percent). Another 20.8 percent rely on pool blankets or covers, and 20.6 percent use variable frequency drives, or VFDs. (See Figure 14.)

Outfitting the Aquatic Facility

From slides and diving boards to surf machines and more, outfitting an aquatic facility provides more ways to attract patrons. There is a huge range of products you can rely on to make a simple swimming pool more stunning, and, of course, waterparks that aim to attract a regional audience have to stay on top of the latest trends and rides to keep them coming back for more. Other features help improve accessibility and wellness, or make it easier for pool staff to do their work, from lifeguarding to instructing classes.

Here are some of the most common types of features and their prevalence among respondents' facilities:

Lane Lines: 76.3%

Lifeguard Station: 69%

Pool Lift or Other Accessibility Equipment: 64.4%

Pool Exercise Equipment: 49.1%

Diving Boards: 48.6%

Starting Platforms: 43.3%

Pool Slides: 42.4%

Shade Structures: 40.6%

Zero-Depth Entry: 38.3%

Water Basketball Equipment: 29%

Scoreboard: 23.1%

Water Polo Equipment: 20.8%

Pool Inflatables: 20.4%

Water Volleyball Equipment: 18%

Water Playground: 17.5%

Teaching Platform: 15%

Lazy River: 12.8%

Diving Platforms: 12.2%

Poolside Cabanas: 10.4%

Poolside Climbing Wall: 8.1%

Lily Pads/Water Walk: 7.6%

Underwater Treadmill or Bike: 3.8%

Wave Pool: 2.9%

River Raft Ride: 2.3%

Surf Machine: 1.2%

Water Coaster: 0.7%