August 2023 Issue


Students on Park TrailThe More the Merrier

Ideas for Increasing Engagement & Participation

Getting people to visit your facilities and join your programs can be tricky. We’ve got advice from a range of facility directors to help boost engagement and participation.

Problem Solvers


Add Unconventional Competition to Your Pool
Improve Energy Efficiency at Your Aquatic Facility
Cost-Effective, Long-Lasting Pool Renovations
Improve Aquatic Facility Safety
Keep Your Pool Clean
Inclusion in Rec Facilities
Extend the Splash Play Experience
Develop a Waterfront Recreation Destination
Sanitize Your Pool Safely & Cost-Effectively
Cover Your Pool in Winter
Get Creative With Your Splash Pad
Choose the Right Splash Pad Mechanical System
Maintain Clear Pool Water
Maintain Optimal Air & Water Quality
Bring New Life to Your Waterpark


Find Flexible Seating & Staging for Events




Handling Staffing Issues
Stay on Top of Cleaning & Maintenance
Engage More Effectively
Engage More Visitors With Self-Serve Technology



Be Ready for What’s Next in Inclusive Play
Enhance Parks’ Appeal With Site Furnishings
Stay on Top of Play Trends
Outfit Your Dog Park
Deal With Damage or Abuse of Equipment
Fit More Play Value Into a Small Footprint
Find Durable, Beautiful Wooden Furnishings
Provide Innovative New Programming
Get a Good ROI on Site Furnishings

SHELTERS & RESTROOM STRUCTURESShelters & Restroom Structures

Make the Most of Large Shelters
Find Efficient Restroom & Park Building Solutions
Elevate Your Shelter
What to Consider When Choosing Your Next Park Restroom


Electrify Your Grounds Crew
Make the Most of Storage Space
Address Synthetic Turf & Seam Problems
Add Functional Fitness to Your Facility
Transform Your Sport Field With an LED Retrofit System Upgrade
Follow Athletic Floor Maintenance Recommendations
Streamline Tasks for Your Sports Fields


​​​​inPERSPECTIVE / SAFETY: Keep Safety Staff Prepared

The critical lifesaving skills learned by lifeguards can carry over into non-aquatic areas of the facility. Learn more about training methods that will keep your staff ready for an emergency.

Web Exclusive

Managing Pools During Regional Wildfires

Pollutants introduced by ash and smoke can make pool maintenance difficult. Here are some tips to help keep pool water clean and chemically balanced when it’s safe to do so.

From the Editor's Desk

It’s Always Something…

Whether your facility is a decade old or has been around for a century or more, you’ll always have to deal with challenges.

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