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Take It Inside

Cost, Maintenance, Performance Are Top Issues in Sports, Fitness Flooring

Supplement Feature - September 2011

Basketball courts, multi-activity courts and fitness floors all have one thing in common: They're indoors. And, the type of indoor surfaces that recreation and sports facilities choose is dependent upon what that flooring is being used for and how often it's used.

Fight Obesity With Park & Playground Elements

Problem Solver - August 2011

Given the impact obesity has on health, leading to severe problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure, it is crucial to combat this trend. Luckily parks and recreation professionals have tools to keep people active.

Protect Gym Members & Equipment

Problem Solver - August 2011

Look for pre-moistened, disposable surface disinfecting wipes that have been developed to both clean your equipment and stop germs. They will kill such infectious agents as MRSA, HIV, TB, Staph, H1N1 and more.


Giving Back

Guest Column - July 2011

Members of the Armed Services and their families have given so much. Here is a way that fitness facilities can give something back.

Before You Go…

Investment for Better Health
Research Shows Recreational Funding Affects Overall Physical Fitness

Before You Go - April 2011

The research—commissioned by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) and led by Dr. John L. Crompton of Texas A&M University—consists of five monographs that studied the broad and fundamental benefits of parks and recreation on local communities, with a focus on stimulating physical activity, youth development, alleviating stress and crime, improving air quality, and measuring the economic impact of park and recreation services.

Fit To Be Tried

Top Trends in Fitness Programming

Feature Article - March 2011

Fitness fads come and fitness fads go, and it's important to know which bandwagon to jump on. This month, we take a look at some of the latest trends to hit the health club scene.

Focus on Members

In a Tough Market, Customer Relations Is at a Premium

Feature Article - March 2011

Good customer service is critical to running your business or facility. We talked to some experts and distilled their advice to help you keep your clientele happy.

Fitness Facilities

Fitness Center Safety: Assumption of Risk

Guest Column - February 2011

Before you open the doors and let your members loose in your fitness center, be sure you understand the risks involved, and train your employees to handle problems before they become disasters.

Finding Space

Making Room for Fitness Programming

Feature Article - November 2010

The problem of obesity has not gone away, but with tight budgets and limited space, finding new ways to offer fitness programs and equipment to your community can be a challenge. We offer some solutions to help you boost

Before You Go…

Extreme Makeover: Fitness Edition

Before You Go - November 2010

Hastings, Minn.-based Anytime Fitness LLC, considered one of the world's largest co-ed fitness chains, wanted to make over the appearance of its clubs, and hired Fabiano Designs, a full-service architectural and interior design firm based in Montclair, N.J., to give its fitness centers a new look and feel.